Privacy Fence Installation
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Wood Privacy Fences

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence San Marcos CA

San Marcos Fence Company loves to help you replace your old eyesore with a clean, polished, new privacy fence. Privacy fences are built with several materials. Let's take a look at a few of the privacy fence materials we offer.

Cedar Fencing

The most common material found in privacy fences is cedar. Cedar fences create a rugged, natural and earthy look. Cedar fences offer some great innate benefits, like the fact that it is a natural insect deterrent.  No need to worry about termites or other pests destroying your fence when you use cedar for your privacy fence. 

Along with that, cedar fencing is lightweight. This allows your fence to last a long time without sagging or coming apart.  We design cedar privacy fences many possible designs.  Some designs we commonly install include board on board, horizontal picket, vertical picket, cap and rail. 

Pressure-Treated Pine

The second most common choice for privacy fencing is pressure treated pine.  These privacy fences end up having a slightly different look, since the wood is usually smooth, compared to the rugged look of cedar.  During the milling process, pressure treated pine is saturated with a copper solution.  This copper solution, helps the wood resist both insects and also prolongs wood decay. This is why pressure treated pine is used in outdoor solutions from fencing to decks, porches and more. 

Wood Fence Design Trends

Black:Brown Wood Privacy Fence San Marcos CA

At San Marcos Fence Company we love to create interesting designs for customers so inclined. Fencing design includes more than building style and can include multiple types of material as well as color-scheme changes.

The truth is, if you can dream it, we can produce it.  At San Marcos Fence Company, we know your privacy fence is more than something to keep your dog in the yard.  A privacy fence acts as a picture frame to the portrait of your home.  Your privacy fence also  sets the stage of your backyard oasis. 

If you desire to create a one of a kind design, at San Marcos Fence Company, we’d love to help you.  Simply show us a picture and there is little doubt our fence design team can re-create it for you.  This is what makes San Marcos Fence Company the best fence contractor in all of North San Diego County. 

Introducing Trex Composite Fencing

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